Samsung attempts to stay in the game with refreshing the S7 and S7 edge


Samsung has been struck dead in the water when it comes to the mobile flagship game due to the recent news regarding the exploding Note7s. With both US carriers and airlines banning the device, Samsung is attempting to appease customers by bringing some Note7 functionality to the 7-month-old Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

One feature in particular that Samsung is porting over is the advanced features of the Always on Display that the Note7 had. Of course the S7 and the S7 edge have the AOD as well, but the features and options weren’t as robust as the Note7. Options include notification support for Samsung apps like Notes, customizable clocks, music information and the ability to display photos on the lock screen. In addition to these features, Samsung also tweaked the Always on Display feature to consume 1% less battery power than before. Lastly, it also has been rumored, due to supposed leaked photos, that Samsung will be introducing the pale blue and gold color option to the S line as well.

With the hassle that many Samsung customers have had to go through, not to mention those that suffered actual bodily harm, this move seems sort of lackluster. However, with another Samsung flagship not expected until around Spring of 2017, this may be the only move they have.

Source: Mashable

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