Red Dead Redemption: A quick look back

Red Dead Redemption 3
Red Dead Redemption 
was released in May of 2010. If you’re a gamer, you’re already well aware of how much of an impact this Rockstar game had on everyone. It was a breath of fresh air during a time when Call of Duty and modernized warfare-style games were saturating the market. I’m not saying those games were bad, but it was getting repetitious. At that time, Red Dead Redemption showed us that Western genres haven’t really been touched too much in the world of gaming because it was a breakout hit.

Red Dead Redemption wasn’t the first of its series. In actuality, it was the sequel to Red Dead Revolver which was released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox back in in 2004. (If you haven’t played the original, I suggest you pick it up on PSN. It’s available for purchase and download now.) No other Western-style game captured and enraptured so many gamers at the same time before. Red Dead Redemption gave us an absolutely beautiful open world that captured the Old West to the very blade of grass. Of course, no one is old enough to know how the Old West actually was, but from what we know of what history has taught us, this game pretty much had all locales that the cowboys of the past traveled through. The Sierra Nevada mountains were represented in West Elizabeth, Texas and Mexico were represented in Nuevo Paraiso, and the prairies and sprawling Old West towns were represented in the New Austin area. If you took your time to just lazily ride your horse through each section of the world, you’d see that the Rockstar developers took their time to create every single piece of the environment. The world was absolutely gorgeously rendered for that time. I don’t know how many times I can say that. Think about how it would look with our updated textures and bump mapping.

The storyline that you progressed through in the game was also top-notch. Not only did you meet all different types of characters that would fit the genre of the Old West, but the main character of John Marston was someone that we all really adored as the game progressed. Although he was a tortured character from the start, it showed how he dealt with the different beliefs and changes occurring during the transition of the Old West to the modernized world. If you don’t have time to play, I would suggest watching this video if you want to see all the cutscenes from the game.

With the recent tease from Rockstar of a possible new release of the next game in this series, we can only guess what Rockstar has in store for us. They’ve knocked it out of the park with Grand Theft Auto V and all the DLCs provided for it. Not to mention, the multiplayer in GTA V has been top-quality as well. The original Red Dead Redemption‘s multiplayer was fun, but it was limited. Will we have new Heist-style missions in this new version of Red Dead? Will it continue the story of the Marston family and their troubles? Will cougars still kill you randomly as you ride through the mountains? I really hated when that happened. Rockstar can’t answer these questions soon enough.

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