Razer buys George Lucas’s audio company THX

Do you remember watching your favorite movie and then hearing this before it starts?

That is the sound of THX, the audio company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas. In an interesting turn of events today, THX was bought by the hardcore gaming company Razer, known for their gaming accessories and devices. The co-founder and CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan, revealed the acquisition in an interview with Business Insider, but gave no details on how much they bought THX for.


All of THX’s key staff and employees will remain intact and it will be “completely separate” from Razer.

“We ourselves created, pretty much, a cult brand with Razer and we know how people follow cult brands and what they expect,” Tan told BI. “It is not just creating [a cult brand], it is also living up to the standards of what they expect. It’s the same with THX, so we want to keep it completely standalone.”

He assured that this transaction means Razer will acquire “a huge amount of intellectual property” and that THX can “seek agreements with other product makers, service providers and financial partners apart from Razer” in audio technology.

This will also ensure that Razer becomes more than just a gaming business, but an entertainment one as well. Tan stated that the deal “will be a huge fusion for us in the entertainment space. We are not just a gaming company, we are holistically an entertainment company. This is the evolution of entertainment and the convergence of areas of gaming, music, music videos, filming. It’s 360. Games are being made into movies, movies are being made into games.”

He also brought up the possibilities virtual reality has for both companies. “It also positions us to double down on focusing on premium and consumer audio visual products and in VR. We are spending a lot of time and resources in VR and there is a huge amount of potential in this area. We are encouraging THX to look at it too.”

If you’d like to see more about the kind of company Razer is, check out our tour of their store which opened in San Francisco this summer.

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Source: Business Insider

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