Leonardo DiCaprio working on Captain Planet movie?


Well, it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions is going to be working with Paramount to bring us a remake of the 1990s cartoon, Captain Planet. DiCaprio isn’t a stranger to offering his time and money to groups and activities that want to help save the planet, so it kind of makes sense that he’d like to remake this series as a movie.

Currently, the studio is working towards attaining the rights to the series and is looking at Glen Powell and Jono Matt to pen the script for the movie. Once they work out the kinks in the contracts and are able to move forward with this production, DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran will be producing this important project.

Our world currently is  experiencing possible climate change, oil spills, new types of virus outbreaks, and dwindling resources; I guess now would be the best time Captain Planet made another appearance. If the cartoon made recycling and pollution awareness cool back in the 1990s, let’s hope that this remake opens everyone’s eyes in our modern world.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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