Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book crossover comes in January!


DC is partnering up with Saban Brands to release a Justice League and Might Morphin Power Rangers crossover series for DC Comics and Boom! with writer Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Byrne. The series will follow the Black Ranger as he ends up in the DC Universe after his teleporter is damaged as the result of their command center being broken int.o This leaves it up to the other Rangers to find a way to save him before Batman steps in.

This is great news for comic book fans as Taylor is known for his incredible writing in the Injustice series which I personally see as one of the greatest DC publications ever made. It is also great for the studios to get the fans ready for both films, Justice League and Power Rangers, both set to release in 2017.

Taylor even posted about it on his Facebook page stating:

“I guess the news has broken… I’m writing the Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series for DC Comics and BOOM! Studios with the fantastic Artwork of Stephen Byrne!

Having so much fun on this series. And I’ve been a huge fan of Stephen Byrne’s art from the second I first saw it. The series begins in January at the same time as The Deep series. Be sure to pre-order both. Cover by Karl Kerschl.”


The Justice League/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers crossover is set to hit shelves in January of 2017. If you havent seen the trailers for either film, they are shown below.


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