Wasteland 3: From the Desert to the Snow


It’s been two years since the release of Wasteland 2, the long-belated sequel to the iconic RPG Wasteland, originally released by EA in 1988. Now, Brian Fargo and InXile Entertainment have announced an even more ambitious sequel in the form of Wasteland 3.

The game looks to trade the harsh desert of Arizona and the vegetation covered streets of Los Angeles for the snowy mountains of Colorado. For reasons currently unknown, the Desert Rangers have set what looks to be an expeditionary force from Arizona north into Colorado.

That’s all that’s known of the story for now. What is more fleshed out are all the ways in which this will improve upon Wasteland 3. These include things like an improved and even more polished version of the combat that was a favorite of the community in Wasteland 2, the Ranger Base will be turned into a more dynamic location that allows you to do more than simply get new missions and replacement squad mates, and a branching dialogue system that allows you to have a close look at the people you are talking to.

Vehicles are also a new addition to game. You will be able to use them for carrying gear and your rangers as well as movable cover and a weapon if you have a turret installed. The biggest and most ambitious feature is that the game is being built from the ground up around being co-op multiplayer functional. Players will be able to scour the frozen wastes either alone or with a friend, having a friend drop out and come back later will however still have the consequences of your friends actions be in effect during your absence.

Announced on the new video game crowdfunding site Fig, the game is eagerly awaited by the fanbase as the game has already hit its $2.75 million goal in only three days so some stretch goals have already been drawn up including a car with an AI in it built for Ronald Reagan called Codename: Morningstar…The original game was made in 1988, they got to stick with the zeerust.

The Fig campaign continues until the 3rd of November, so throw in your two bits and reserve yourself a copy of the game and some extra goodies. Until then, have a look at a short pre-rendered concept trailer.

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