SteelSeries Arctis line of gaming headsets aim to change the market, and they just might


If you do any type of semi-serious to serious gaming, you know that the headset market for gamers is saturated with choices. Each company offers a multitude of options with different specs ranging from entry level to high end. One thing that each of the manufacturers have in common is that, in many cases, the entry level headsets are going to be of lesser quality than the higher-end models. It’s not just the features since┬áthe entry level headsets may have a poorer sound driver that may not sound as good as the higher-end model. Of course this is designed to encourage gamers to spend a bit more to get a better sound, but this also ends up segmenting the market and cheating gamers out of that high quality just because they may not be able to afford the high price tag. SteelSeries aims to change the headset market with its Arctis line of headphones, and based on what I have seen so far, they just might.

The Arctis line comes in three models: the Arctis 3, the Arctis 5, and the Arctis 7. Each model has the same 7.1 Surround Sound speakers and drivers as well as being tuned exactly to have the same sound across the board. So whether you are getting the Arctis 3 or the Arctis 7, the sound is the same. The same ClearCast mic is also on board each Arctis model. This mic uses a bi-directional element that picks up from the front and the back of the mic, but in a very tight pattern that blocks out all of the noise around you. The results are astonishing as can be seen in this video. Even with noise all around, the voice audio is clear and crisp. Each of the models utilizes the suspension design headset for added comfort, as well as removable and washable ear cups and suspension band. Lastly, each headset is compatible with both consoles and PC.

So if the mic is the same and the audio is the same, you may be asking why are there three different models. The answer is simple: features. Instead of paying for better sound quality and features, you just pay for the features you want. With the Arctis 3, you have the ability to connect to your console’s controller through a regular 8 pole 3.5mm connector, or you ┬ácan connect to your PC using the y-splitter adapter that is included. With the Arctis 5, you get the same features, plus the ability to connect to the PC via a USB sound card that comes with the headset for added control. The Arctis 5 also includes RGB lighting. The top of the line Arctis 7 includes the same connectivity options, with the added bonus of also being wireless.

Pricing is undoubtedly on your mind at this point. “Sure that is all well and good, but what is this new way of thinking going to cost me?” The Arctis 3 is listed at $79.99, the Arctis 5 is $99.99, while the Arctis 7 is $149.99. When looking at some of the choices out there, these price points are nothing to ignore. The idea of paying for features and not better sound is something of an oddity to the industry, but it is awesome to see a company that wants to change things. For more info on the Arctis line visit the SteelSeries website here.

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