Escaping the Hex Room 2016 edition – The best one yet!

Hex Room!

New year, new Hex Room! Adding to our “million Halloween activities to do” list, we made our way back to Cross Roads Game’s Hex Room once more to check out what new changes were made. You can read our review from last year here, so you can compare it to what cool stuff they added this year!

Just like the previous time we attended, Hex Room had the same concept as before. You are separated from your friends and forced to make it out of your room on your own. Each person is chosen to play a certain archetypal character, and each has a different room they’re put into. With the help of the detective (the only character who is able to pass things between rooms), you have to get out with the help of your friends – just without seeing them!

The whole concept in itself is by far my favorite. Since I experienced it the first time, the originality of the Hex Room has always been my number one go-to escape room. This year, it still remains that way!

So let me explain who played who. We all took tests to determine who we would work out as this time round.

I played the jock.

Our editor-in-chief John played the nerd.

J.R played the prom queen.

Our movie expert Mark played the virgin.

Our friend Brad played the rebel.

And your favorite video guy Mike played the detective!

Every room was similar to the way it was in 2015. My room (jock) was a kitchen, the nerd had a super complex laboratory, the virgin was in a library-type room, the prom queen was in a closet, the rebel was in a four-walled cement-looking room. Almost like a basement!

For me personally, this time playing wasn’t nearly as difficult. Perhaps it was because I previously played the nerd, and it was so hard! This time, it was so fun, easy to figure out, and way more interactive. I felt ready to tackle the rooms, and help everyone get out of theirs.

Being the first one out, I was able to help our detective pass things among people and help others figure out puzzles. This was especially fun because I’m really into the whole leadership thing!

A few new aspects to each room were added, like new specimens, new decorations, and a different way to get out. Let me tell you, the new exit idea was fantastic. It was so much more fun and allowed us to get out quicker. AKA, it paved the way for us beat the record. That’s right, yo! Nerd Reactor holds the quickest time to escape. And we’re proud! (At the time of this writing.)

This year, they even added a really cool box that’s placed in your room. A personal box, if you will, that is an extra bonus for you and you only. It’s kind of like a side quest, and if you find yourself having some time, it’s 100% worth tackling. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance, because I love Hex Room so much that I am way more invested in the overall storyline. But our very own Mark opened his box and got a metal!

The hardest thing about The Hex Room is the fact I can’t share with you some of the cool puzzles and secrets they’ve come up with. They’re so clever and efficient, making it really fun.

Overall, the new decor, the new puzzles, and the new way out, really brought a new perspective to this year’s event. It was fun for me last year, but something about this time around was so special and entertaining. Whether it was because I played a new character, had more escape room experience, or was able to help out my friends for once (previously I was the last one out of my own room), it was so engaging and I can’t wait to go back already.

It will always be the number one escape room recommendation I give to people, and now, I’m giving it to you! Please go check it out and bring everyone you know. It will NOT disappoint!

More details on their website.

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