EmojiMovie adds two more comedians to its cast

Recently, we reported that a movie was being made based on the lovable emoji icons and that Silicon Valley and Deadpool actor T.J. Miller would lend his voice to the project in a leading role. Like we stated in that second article,  EmojiMovie: Express Yourself is, yes, still a movie and it’s still going forward. In fact, Entertainment Weekly reports that the film has added two more comedic stars to the cast: James Corden and Ilana Glazer.

The Late, Late Show‘s Corden will play Hi-5, a hand-shaped emoji, and Broad City‘s Glazer will play a human-shaped code breaker named Jailbreak. The characters are friends of Miller’s character, Gene, and accompany him on an “app-venture” across a phone to find the code to fix him and make him like “normal” emojis who don’t have multiple facial expressions like he does.

“Hi-5 is a high-five emoji who is a highly motivated, and highly dramatic, hand on a mission (sorry), and the brilliantly versatile, ebullient, and always lovable James Corden fits this part like a glove (sorry again),” director Anthony Leondis said in a statement. “For the rebel ‘break all the codes’ computer programmer emoji Jailbreak, Ilana Glazer is the kind of singularly free-spirited, fearless, and funny actress to make girls really feel the empowered ‘nobody’s gonna keep me in a cage’ attitude this character exudes.”

Sony Pictures Animation also released an image of the characters as seen above, but if you want to see the little guys in action, you’ll have to wait until EmojiMovie: Express Yourself hits theaters on August 11, 2017.

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