Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2 ‘Morgue’ review


Season 2 episode 2 for Ash vs Evil Dead has been rightfully titled “Morgue,” and it is one of the grossest (but still awesome) episode they’ve had. Ash is back home in Elk Grove, Michigan, and is looking for a little payback as his ragtag band of misfits, including the newest member and former enemy Ruby, try to retrieve the Necronomicon to help stop evil from consuming the world.

Some Spoilers Ahead

This episode featured a flashback of Ash’s sister from the original Evil Dead as he heads up to his old bedroom that hasn’t been changed for 30 years. He also has more awkward encounters with his dad, even finding out that Brock’s newest lover might be one of Ash’s former and more memorable lovers. This leads to an interesting find as the gal ends up being a deadite who team Ash have to fight to prevent their own demise.

Ruby and Pablo also spend some time together that leads to an interesting discovery about Pablo’s visions and what they mean.

The biggest highlight of the episode was definitely both scenes inside the morgue. The first included a mortician who isn’t afraid of dead bodies like most people are, but evil find his Achilles heel and takes him down in one of the worst ways possible. The next scene in the morgue features Ash as he tries to recover the Necrominocon from a cadaver that Ruby hid in a body. This leads to a familiar Sam Raimi-type scene. (Think the Doc Ock scene from Spider-Man 2 in the hospital.) As Ash tries to fight this dead body, he ends up finding out that his enemy is a real asshole, leading to one of the most disgustingly explosive scenes in the history of the show. Without giving too much away, let’s leave it at that.

You can watch Evil Dead season 2 on Starz which airs on Sunday, October 9th, at 9pm.

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