The future of gaming is here: Bloxels


The gaming industry seems to be reaching to younger and younger audiences today. Parents use of technology to educate their children is also at an all time high because of how much information they can gather in one tablet. Even now, kids are learning how to use their parents phone, tablet, and even the computer. Why not help them even more advancing their knowledge of technology to prepare them for the future?

That is where Bloxels comes in. Bloxels is a new hands-on tech that enables kids to build, design, play, and share their own video games. Created by Mattel and Pixel Press, kids can create their own game on the physical Blozels Gameboard and then activate it on the Bloxels Builder App and play out the game on any mobile or tablet device.

Just how does it work?

  • Build Layouts – Use the blocks on the Gameboard to build the layout of your game
  • Build Characters – Use the blocks on the Gameboard to build your character
  • Capture & Customize – Use the app to capture a picture of the Gameboard and to customize it
  • Play & Share – Play your game and challenge your friends to beat it by sharing it on the Infinity Wall

Bloxels also allows players to play each others game. On their official website, kids can play other kids’ creations. Tutorials are also available on the site in case kids want some help in creating their games or animation. Help your kid prepare for the future!

Just in time for the holidays, Bloxels are available now at major retailers and retails for $49.99.  Bloxels is recommended for players ages 8 and up.

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