Team Misfits wins first Overwatch Open, plus recap

The Overwatch Open Tournament, which was a partnership between television giant Turner’s ELEAGUE and e Sports organizer FACEIT, recently concluded with EU representors Team Misfits winning the Overwatch Open over NA competitor team, EnVyUs. Misfits will claim the largest share ($100,000) of the $300,00 prize pool. Also, the team will be the trailblazers of the Overwatch open being the first team to win the championship.

Below is Nerd Reactor’s coverage and analysis of the game!

GAME 1 Kings Row (Hybrid)

In the first round, Misfits was placed on attack and EnVyUs on defense. Misfits did not waste any time with their first push, taking the high ground path and overwhelming Envyus with high damage dealt. While EnVyUs was able to pop up a last second resurrect ultimate from Mercy (CHIPHAJEN), it was not enough to stop the Misfits who would punish the NA contenders, easily pushing the payload to win the first round in approximately four minutes left in their time bank.

When the teams flipped for the second round, the Misfits were able to hold a more formidable defense against team EnVyUs. EnVyUs was able to make smart changes in their lineup that included a well used Pharah (TALESPIN) X Mercy (CHIPHAJEN) combo that helped with their damage output.

A turning point in this round was when EnVyUs was wiped completely from the point, but a last minute Mercy (CHIPHAJEN) resurrection was able to save the round. Using that momentum, EnVyUs seized the opportunity with a well-timed Pharah (TALESPIN) Barrage and was able to push the payload to the end of the bank, albeit slowly. As a consequence, EnVyUs only had little time left in their time bank for the Overtime rounds.

The Misfits were able to shake off their defensive loss pretty quickly. With a major advantage of having more time than EnVyUs to attack the point. EnVyUs did put up a tough fight against the attacking Misfits, but a Death Blossoming Reaper (SOON) and a non-boosted Reinhardt (RYB) wiped the entire EnVyUs team near the end of the round, sealing a map winning point for the Misfits.

GAME 2 Nepal (Capture Point)

EnVyUs coming from a very difficult loss had to shake it off for the best-of-five control point map in Nepal. EnVyUs came into the round strong taking the point early thanks to EnVyUs Taimou making vital pickoffs with his Roadhog hooks. However, this would be in vain for the first round. The MisFits were able to come in the final seconds of the round to take over the point and never lose the objective for the rest of the round. Misfits tried to repeat the same situation in the second round, but EnVyUs successfully stepped up and tied the map up.

Round 3 was a game where both team made their share of mistakes. Both teams were even in terms of kills/deaths, but EnVyUs was able to take back the objective from Misfits at 99% and holding on the point for the rest of the round securing their only win in the grand finals.

Game 3 Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort)

EnVyUs was the first to attack on this map which is know to be long, winding, and includes lots of verticality. EnVyUs came out the spawn point extremely aggressive with Misfits not being able to hold up until near the second checkpoint. Once there, the Misfits was able to play with the high ground and get valuable picks and team kills which resulted with EnVyUs only having one checkpoint under its belt. The Misfits had an easier time to beat the Americans time, but EnVyUs was able to hold off, but just like previous matches the Misfits were able to better counter EnVyUs with better utilizations of ultimates. Misfits wins the map in the results of better map play.

Game 4: Lijiang Tower (Control/King of the Hill)

Misfits feeding off momentum of being up 2-1 in the first Overwatch Open Championship was really apparent. Misfits did win the first round, but the round was interesting because EnVyUs refused to back down and performed and won many back and forths with their EU competitors. Misfits did have a moment to win early in the map, but one of their players made the crucial mistake of falling off the map and handing a round win for EnVy. Unfortunately, the Americans weren’t able to keep their momentum going into the third round, being easily beaten. In Round 4, Misfits came in strong and controlled the point first, even though Envy did try to push Misfits back, it was inevitable and they could not defend the point after they captured it. After the Misfits took back the point, the clock ticked down against EnVyUs favor and Misfits became the first Overwatch Open Grand Finals champions.

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