Pokemon GO is still bringing in $2 million daily


If you are like me, it has been weeks since your last Poke hunt. I collect Pokeballs here and there, but I am definitely not as active as I was when it first came out. Apparently I am not alone as the game has seen a steady decrease in users recently, but that doesn’t stop it from raking in tons of money still.

Covered by¬†Games Industry, a new report from games data analytical firm Newzoo has shown that there are still over 700,000 people downloading Pokemon Go on a daily basis. Since launch, Pokemon Go has been reportedly installed over 550 million times, raking in over $470 million in sales. Breaking that down, those downloads and in-app purchases are bringing Niantic and The Pokemon Company a cool $2 million a day. If you think that is a lot, according to Newzoo, the game peaked about three weeks after launch when it was raking in $16 million daily. Even with the drop in revenue, the analytics firm is quick to point out that the game hasn’t even launched in China or Korea yet.

With new updates and feature planned into next year, I am sure that we will see a wave effect in both the amount of users and the revenue brought in by Pokemon GO.

Source: IGN

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