NES Classic Edition interface revealed, will include four suspend states per game


A few days ago Nintendo of Japan revealed the Nintendo Classic Famicom system would be coming to Japan and include a video that showcased the interface of the miniature system. Now Nintendo of America has also released a video showcasing the interface of the NES Classic Edition.

The NES Classics’ interface isn’t as nice and colorful as its Japanese counterpart but will feature save states (known as suspend points), letting you save up to four different saves per game. Take note that if you want to save your game or switch to another game, you will need to press the reset button, which may take some getting used to at first in fear of losing your game. It does add to the charm, even if you aren’t a fan of getting up to press the reset button.

The NES Classic Edition will also feature three different selectable display modes; 4:3, CRT and pixel perfect which can be changed during gameplay.

GameXplain has released its own video which showcases the system’s UI and compares the NES Classic visuals Edition’s visuals to the Virtual Console releases.

The NES Classic Edition will be released on November 11th. Now You’re Playing with Power!

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