Missed the pilot episode of Westworld? See it for free!

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This past Sunday, we got a glimpse into what HBO has in store for the future of Western’s in television. From the opening credits to the cryptic ending, the pilot was beyond all my expectations! Many folks, however, didn’t get a chance to see the episode, whether due to time restraints or not having HBO on their TV. And of course, Hulu and Netflix don’t exactly do next-day showings of episodes from the provocative network that brought us everything from The Sopranos to Game of Thrones.

If you’ve lived under a rock for the last two days, then you may not have heard of the incredible series the debuted this past Sunday, Westworld. Outlets from all over, as well as us, are raving about the outstanding pilot and it’s stellar cast. Did you get a chance to see it? No? Well, we’re in luck! You can check it out, for free! Watch the first episode, and let us know what you think about the pilot in the comments below!

Source: HBO

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