Marvel Studios wants you to upload your superhero photos for a good cause


Marvel Studios is known for their superheroes and action films, but now Marvel wants you to be the hero in their next project. Marvel has launched their Marvel Studios Hero Acts – a new initiative dedicated to bringing hope to kids around the world.

In an introduction video by Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars in Doctor Strange opening up next month, Marvel Studios wants you to upload a photo of yourself as a superhero. With each photo uploaded, Marvel will donate $5 to the charity Save the Children (up to one million dollars) now until December 31st.

“The Marvel family is just as incredible behind the scenes. We are completely inspired and humbled by the heart and the strength and the passion of you, our fans. Each and every one of you,” Cumberbatch said in the video.

To upload your video, go to and upload your photo. If you’d like to post it to social media, use the hashtags #heroacts #marvelstudios.

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