Goku Black’s identity in Dragon Ball Super finally revealed, now what?


Warning: May contain spoilers for the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super!

A few weeks ago, Dragon Ball Super gave us the biggest twist so far. With the arrival of Goku Black, the show has slowly hinted his identity and I’ve given several theories as to who Goku Black may be. We almost absolutely knew that Goku Black was, in fact, Zamasu. But then Zamasu had to throw a wrench in that theory by showing up during a battle between Goku, Vegeta, and Goku Black. Just like that, we were back to square one in finding out who Goku Black is and instead were left with the question of how Zamasu is connected with Goku Black. Rather than drag on the mystery, the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super just revealed it: Goku Black is Zamasu.

Beerus killed Zamasu in the current timeline, thus interrupting his plans of gaining immortality and creating a fake Goku. The Z Warriors make their way back to Trunks’ future in hopes the future was fixed as Beerus claims. Once they confronted Goku Black and Zamasu, Goku reveals they know of their plan and how Zamasu created a fake Goku. That’s when Goku Black reveals that he is Zamasu and that he granted a wish to switch bodies with Goku. From there he killed Goku in Zamasu’s body. Now that we know who Goku Black is, all this does is give us another mystery: from which timeline did Zamasu switch bodies with Goku?

Now, time travel has been really tricky within the Dragon Ball universe. With Future Trunks traveling back in time he inadvertently created two separate timelines. The bleak future that is Trunks’ timeline was not affected by his actions in the current timeline that we see. His travel didn’t create two timelines, but rather it created four of them. The main timeline where we saw Future Trunks and Cell arriving in time machines, the second timeline which is Future Trunks’ timeline, the third timeline is the future where Cell comes from, the Cell that becomes Perfect Cell and is defeated by Gohan in the main timeline; and the fourth timeline is a bit confusing, but it’s the timeline that Future Trunks from the third timeline travels to save Goku and find a way to stop the Androids. Upon his return, he is killed by Cell that uses his time machine to travel to the main timeline. Episode 54 explains that the green time rings were created when an alternate timeline was created due to time travel. Each of the rings could represent each of the four timelines that were created when Trunks traveled through time.

If Zamasu had killed his master Gowasu and used one of green time rings to reach a timeline where Goku was alive, he could’ve met with the Zamasu of that timeline to help execute his plan. From there one Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to become immortal while the other used his wish to switch bodies with Goku, allowing him to best him. That Zamasu technically would’ve never met Goku if he trusted Zamasu with his plan, hence his reaction when he first met him. If this is what has occurred, then Beerus ended that plan from happening by killing Zamasu. The Future Trunks Saga is wrapping up, and it’s been one of the best story arcs so far in Dragon Ball history. With the next episode revealing Zamasu’s Zero-Mortal Plan, it’s bound to end with a bang.

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