Adam Reed planning to end Archer with season 10


We can look forward to enjoying at least three more seasons of FX’s hit series Archer. Series creator Adam Reed, recently appeared on the Murmur podcast, where he was asked about the future of the show.

“I was gonna end it after [season] eight, but then I had sort of a brain explosion of a way that I could do three more seasons and really keep my interest up,” Reed said. “So, the three seasons that are coming up are gonna be pretty different from what has come before, and they’re gonna be different from each other.”

One big difference is that the following three seasons will see fewer episodes, each consisting of eight episodes each. This means there are only 24 more episodes of Archer to look forward to with season eight set to air in early 2017.

It’s sad to know that such an amazing series will be coming to an end, even if it won’t be for another two to three years. It’s hard not to enjoy this series for its great writing, crazy cast of characters and most importantly, an amazing voice cast that really brings the characters to life and make you laugh.

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