We’re having a contest!

October is just around the corner, and everyone here at Nerd Reactor is so ready for it. We have a lot of horrific things in store for all of you, but one of the biggest things we wanted to do this Halloween season was to allow all of you to get involved somehow. So in order to make those dream come true, we’re hosting a very spoopy contest for you all!


If you have ever wanted to take a whack at writing, or have a passion for writing already, now is your chance to show off some of your scariest works! Send your best horror stories to us, and you’ll have a chance at winning a stack of random horror movies; and I really do mean random! On top of the movies, we’ll also publish our top three favorites on Nerd Reactor, for everyone to see!

All submissions are to be at least 500 words, and email your stories to us at [email protected], with “Horror Contest Submission” in the subject line. Be sure to also include your name, city, and state at the bottom of your creepy anecdote, that way we know who sent in the submission, and where around the world they’re coming from. We’re really excited about this, and can’t wait to read all of your tales!

The contest begins October 1st, and will run until October 26th. From there, we’ll scope them all out and pick our favorites on Halloween! Let’s hear ’em!

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