So, what happened with Titan? Blizzard VP Jeff Kaplan opens up

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Titan was Blizzard’s next-gen MMO that would reinvent MMOs the same way World of Warcraft did in 2004. The thing about Titan is that we were never supposed to know about it. Blizzard never acknowledged the game’s existence, but a project schedule eventually leaked with Titan listed on it with a release date. Other than that, we never saw a screenshot, gameplay footage, mechanics, nothing other than just speculation regarding Titan. But with Titan’s fall came Overwatch, and the rest is history. Despite there being some details being tossed around as to what Titan was, Blizzard has been quiet about its existence other than confirming its cancellation. Until now!

Recently, Tim Mulkerin of Business Insider had an interview with Jeff Kaplan, Game Designer and VP at Blizzard. The interview is rather long, but here is a sample of how the decision was made to cancel Titan:

In general, when you’re working on a game, you usually have a sense of where the team morale is at, and sort of the team sensibilities in terms of how successfully they feel the game is going. And also you have a sense of the game itself — is it fun, is the technology working, are the tools to make the game working — and in general, what happened toward the end of “Titan” is we realized that so many of the elements we had enjoyed experiencing working on other projects were just not working.

And the project went on for quite a long time. It wasn’t some rush, rash decision — and in fact, I think usually here at Blizzard we’re optimistic, and even if a project is experiencing some trouble, we’ll find a way to pull it out of that trouble. And eventually, we realized we had hit a point where the technology was not working, the design was not working, the timeline had been dragging on, the team’s morale was pretty low, and it was time to move on from that project.


It’s always a sad day in gaming when games that people are anticipating never see the day of light. But this isn’t new to the industry with countless games either being canceled or just disappearing regardless of how long it’s been in development, cough Half-Life 3. And seeing as Titan was never officially announced, perhaps the mechanics and elements created during its development will lead to more games beyond Overwatch. But the curiosity behind Titan will always be around, seeing as Blizzard had huge ambitions. Did Blizzard fly too close to the sun when it came with Titan? Who knows, but maybe one day we will get a glimpse of what could’ve been.

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