Rare black moon rises on Friday

Photo credit: NASA

Photo credit: NASA

How cool yet annoying is it, that we’re getting the chance to have a black moon on Friday, but we’re not going to be able to see it? But let’s think of the obvious reason why. If the sky is dark and so is the moon, how does on expect to see anything?

But the best part of the entire occurrence is the fact that the moon won’t be causing any light, making the night sky so much more visible.

Taking place this Friday at 5:11 pm PDT, the new moon will begin to take its place. From there, it’ll take a few more nights to begin to see the moon in its new phase glory. So give it about a week before you see silver slivers of our lunar friend.

“The black moon is a somewhat unusual celestial event and they occur about once every 32 months,” – Joe Rao (Space.Com)

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