Fuller House season 2 premiere date announced

Fuller House!

Fuller House may not be one of your favorites, but let’s be real, it provides a nostalgic trip for all. I for one, love it. Which is why I’m mega happy to announce we finally have a premiere date for season 2!

One of the best parts about general TV shows is when they have holiday episodes. That is why having the second season premiere globally on Netflix on December 9th is going to be so dang awesome. Check out the new poster.

Fuller House season 2

This means we’re going to get not only a Christmas and New Year’s Eve episode, but also a Thanksgiving and Halloween one! How exciting.

The previous season ended with a lot of stuff that will hopefully be resolved in season 2, specifically D.J’s love interest. Are you all caught up and ready to go? If not, get on it! You’ve got three months! And for those of you like me who are obsessed, let’s re-watch it, am I right?

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