Two BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition bundles to be released


Aksys Games previously announced it would be releasing a Limited Edition in North America for the upcoming Blazblue: Central Fiction. It recently revealed it will have a second LCE available for fans who prefer playing on a controller.

Set to release in November (confirmed via Twitter), fans will be able to select between the regular Limited Edition bundle which includes a BlazBlue: Song Interlude III Soundtrack which includes 10 songs, a deluxe 100-page art book and a Mini Noel Vermillion Nendroid which will run you $90.


For $30 more, you can also add an officially licensed HORI Fighting Commander pad which features a Blazblue logo on the front of the controller. The Commander Pad is a very interesting controller developed for fighting games which is compatible with both the PlayStation 3 and PC through Xinput and doesn’t include any analog sticks, but you can switch the inputs so the d-pad will function as either the left or right analog stick.

The game releases on October 3rd in Japan, so Western fans won’t have to wait very long to enjoy the game.

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