That Nerd Life Podcast #6: Titans, Exorcisms and Cults!


It was a busy week for us here at Nerd Reactor, and on this week’s episode of That Nerd Life podcast, we give you a breakdown of everything we did.

First up is Titanfall 2. We spend two full days at Respawn Entertainment playing the new Titanfall 2 multiplayer. We give the other players a run for their money as we test out the new Titans and features that will be coming to one of the most anticipated games of the year. Next up, we visit once again the Escape Hotel in Hollywood. Escape Hotel has teamed up with Fox Entertainment to bring us a new escape room based on the new Exorcist TV show. Do we make it out alive or does the devil claim our souls?

Lastly, we finally get to try out the new immersive theater in Los Angeles, The Tension Experience: Ascension. We’ve been dying to try out this new attraction ever since we interviewed the creators on our podcast (Check out That Nerd Life Podcast episode 4 here to listen to the interview). Did it meet our expectations? Listen to this week’s episode and find out!

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