Digimon Tri movie review


Last year, the first film in the Digimon Tri Reunion was released in theaters across Japan. Fans in North America weren’t left out as Crunchyroll announced that it had acquired the rights to stream the movie on its service complete with English subtitles. Digimon Tri will be released as a six-part film series with movie one and two already available to view on Crunchyroll and the third movie titled, “Confession,” is set to release on September 24th. Last week, the movie saw a special one-day theatrical release in select theaters across North America and Canada complete with an English dub, which included many of the original voice actors reprising their roles 17 years later.

“Reunion” is set three years after the events of Digimon Adventure 2, the movie which primarily focuses around the original DigiDestined who are now in high school. It’s a definite change in animation from the original series, and there’s quite a big change in direction as we see more of each character’s personalities and how they’ve changed and adapted after being separated from their Digimon after the final battle.


Even while watching the movie in theaters, it felt like watching an episode of the series. It helps if you are familiar with the series since we see silhouettes of the season two cast at the start of the film, along with a few Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the film. The film has a nice pace taking its time and really letting you see what the characters are up to in their lives. We also see that while everyone still keeps in touch they aren’t as close as they once were, including Mimi who lives in America and Joe who is focused on studying.

It was really easy to get behind the new art style for Digimon Tri. While it isn’t the most visually impressive movie, it retains that classic feel that made the series worth watching while improving it, especially with the characters who even, while older, still look like their younger counterparts. Sure it’s been almost two decades, but it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed since the end of Digimon Adventure 2.


While we do see a few Digimon battles, it’s not the biggest focus of the film. Tri spends a good portion of the movie setting up the plot, slowly focusing on each of the characters, before reuniting them with the Digimon partners who appear after mysterious Digimon start appearing and attacking the city. When we finally do see the Digimon in action, it’s done in a way that plays off the nostalgia including Agumon reuniting with Tai and the Digivolution transformations sequences, which have a somewhat lengthy transformation sequence as the Digimon go from their Rookie form to their Champion forms. It’s great seeing it the first few times for the nostalgia factor but does get a bit old a bit quickly. Towards the end the film it just seems to skip its consistency factor as it skips Greymon’s and Garurumon’s transformation almost straight into their Mega forms in battle, which are the scenes I felt would just be cooler towards the end of the film.

I grew up watching the Digimon cartoon in English since it was the only real way to watch a majority of anime at the time. While I’ve seen the first two films already subbed, it was that much more enjoyable being able to watch it with a majority of the voice cast returning. Hearing Joshua Seth returning as Tai, Mona Marshall as Izzy, and Tom Fahn as Agumon just to name a few. There were a few roles that featured new voice actors and they worked. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Vic Mignogna’s take on Matt, Johnny Yong Bosch had to be my favorite addition to the cast taking on a role of a somewhat playboy T.K., who felt like a much different character than he was in the original series. Overall, the English dub of the Digimon Tri was done extremely well from start to finish and will please fans of the original series.

I had only one gripe, that being the movie’s intro song. It was an odd and different remix of the original English Digimon theme song. It really didn’t fit in, and unlike the original song, wasn’t very catchy. It felt of place and flat, but I was rather happy to see the other tracks in the anime including Brave Heart and I Wish.

Overall, Digimon Tri is off to a great start with Reunion. It’s something fans of the original series can really look forward to and share with their kids since it offers something for everyone to enjoy. Here is looking forward to seeing the rest of the films released with English dubs in the near future!

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