Amazing new Battlefield 1 campaign trailer reminds us that war is hell

Battlefield 1

Battlefield has always been a game that focused almost primarily on its multiplayer experience. This is especially true as almost every single player campaign they’ve come out with hasn’t been very good. The exception to that was Bad Company 1 & 2, as they both were actually very well done. With the upcoming Battlefield 1 having a campaign, I was bit concerned as to if it would be fairly enthralling given their track record.

Well, I feel like I can put my worries to rest as they’ve released a brand new campaign trailer, and it looks phenomenal. Like watching the pages of history come to life, you can see that there will be focus on multiple events that occurred throughout the war. These different plot lines will focus on your fight with the Austro-Hungarian Empire through the Alps with the Italian mountaineer regiment, battling alongside the legendary Lawrence of Arabia with a female Bedouin warrior, following an Anzac runner through the Battle of Gallipoli, and being a part of a British tank crew.

After playing the beta, I have been in high anticipation of this game. Now that the campaign trailer has released, I want it even more and I can’t wait to play through. I’m probably going to bury myself in a foxhole for a few days to maximize my time playing. Are you excited to play Battlefield 1? Let us know in the comments below.

Battlefield 1 hits stores on October 21st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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