Rosewill Prelude Over Ear Headphones (review)


Right out of the box, the Rosewill Prelude (RWH-001) over ear headphones stand out. With ear cups made from genuine beech wood, these slick looking headphones significantly up the hipster cool factor over a set of generic black on black headphones. But ultimately, how headphones look matter far less than how they sound (unless all you really do care about is looking hipster cool). So let’s put aside the fact that these are some of the most aesthetically pleasing headphones on the market, and instead focus on the sound.

I test drove the new Rosewill Preludes over a number of different platforms, watching a Blu-ray version of The Avengers, as well as using it as my primary gaming headphones during Hearthstone matches. And overall, the sound quality was better than most headphones I’ve owned in the past. The bass was rich, without being overpowering (although those looking for the ultra-deep bass of Bose speakers may be disappointed). The mid-range was crystal clear and perfect for dialogue, which ensured that I never missed a word of what was spoken. Music also shined through these speakers, though of course, this is very much dependent on what sort of music you listen to. My go-to mix of Broadway standards and pop songs came through perfectly, but with bass-heavier EDM tracks, your mileage may vary.

The headphones come with two sets of cables, one standard cable, and one with an in-line audio control and mic for your phone. My one minor quibble was that the standard cable in particular was a bit short for my tastes. Although I am not one that needs an ultra-long cable that drags along the floor, their standard cable felt about two feet too short. The ear cups were comfortable and I had no issues with wearing them for long periods of time. These being relatively light weight also aided in the ability to seamlessly integrate into the listening experience as I watched my movies. However, there were moments where ambient noise from outside could be heard through these headphones. Clearly these are not meant to be completely soundproof.

On balance, The Rosewill Prelude is an above average all around set of over ear headphones. Although you can easily drop twice the price to get a better set of headphones, there is no way you will get twice the quality. So if you’re not quite ready to step up to the $200+ headphones of an audiophile, the Rosewill Prelude is an excellent intermediate step and well worth the money.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

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