John Carpenter has harsh words for Rob Zombie and his Halloween remake

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There’s a lot of pressure on directors who try to remake beloved films. It doesn’t help if the original director doesn’t like the product and it really doesn’t help if said director is actually insulting you. That seems to be the case regarding two Halloween directors.

In 2007, Rob Zombie filmed a remake of the iconic slasher movie Halloween. The original came out in 1978 and was directed by horror legend John Carpenter. The remake wasn’t received well and had nowhere near the cultural impact of the original. In a recent video in which Carpenter speaks to a group of students at the New York Film Academy, the horror director said some pretty shocking things about Zombie and his remake.

“He lied about me,” Carpenter said, referencing a previous interview Zombie gave regarding production on the remake. “He said I was very cold to him when he told me he was going to make it. Nothing could be further from the truth. I said, ‘Make it your own movie, man. This is yours now. Don’t worry about me.’ I was incredibly supportive. Why that piece of s— lied, I don’t know.”

Carpenter admitted that the whole ordeal influenced his view of Zombie’s remake as well as its sequel which was released in 2009. As expected, he doesn’t think much of them.

“I thought he took away the mystique of the story by explaining too much about [Michael Myers],” Carpenter said. “I don’t care about that. He’s supposed to be a force of nature, he’s supposed to be almost supernatural, and he was too big, it wasn’t normal.”

Meanwhile, Carpenter’s influence on the franchise continues as he’s currently executive producing a new Halloween sequel, as he explained in a statement earlier this year, “Thirty-eight years after the original Halloween I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all.”

Via: Entertainment Weekly

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