Dunkey disproves similarities of Paladins and Overwatch (video)


Well, the long-awaited Hi-Rez Studios character based shooter,¬†Paladins, has finally hit open beta. Although we have known about Paladins longer than Overwatch, Blizzards shooter hit the mass market first and has made a very large impact on the gaming world. Countless memes, a very healthy Twitch viewership, and its popularity as an eSport has made Overwatch a cultural phenomena and bonafide ‘hit’ in the gaming community.

Unfortunately for Paladins, the masses aren’t concerned with dates and hard evidence, meaning that they are being labeled as an Overwatch clone, or cheap knock off. One of my favorite YouTubers VideogameDunkey has jumped on the bus and made a hilarious 3-minute video that defends the creativity of the Paladins gameplay and characters, except it really doesn’t. Dunkey is a very intelligent gamer, so no doubt he is fully aware of the Paladins/Overwatch timeline of who borrowed what from where, but true to form he does an amazing job poking fun at the circumstances.

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