ZipBuds introduces ‘Catalyst’ earbuds to the world


Music and working out go hand in hand. It gets you pumped up and motivated to run that extra mile. It can even be the best way to keep those pesky distractions away from you, so of course, you want to have the best headphones possible. When it comes to selecting the right headphones when you work out, you’ll want to make sure that it has certain features. You want to have the best sound quality. You want them to be comfortable, and you’ll want them to be water/sweat proof. Now there are a lot of “sport” headphones on the market, from Beats Audio to the ever so popular Jaybird X2’s, but there’s a new contender in the world of Bluetooth sport headphones, ZipBuds.


ZipBuds, a company known for making sport earbuds with a zipper design, has launched a Kickstarter for its next generation of earbuds. It’s called ‘Catalyst,’ and it’s said to be the world’s most advanced wireless earbuds. ZipBuds has heard the complaints people have had with their current earbuds, and it’s here to tackle those problems.

Check out their kickstarter video below:

At the time of writing this article, ZipBuds has already reached a total of $77,130 out of its $25,000 goal, with 43 days to go.  If you’re interested in contributing to ZipBuds project, visit their kickstarter page.

Catalyst – World’s Most Advanced Wireless Earbuds

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