Experiencing Creep Los Angeles 2016

creep la

I’m inside a lounge stocked with alcohol, and around me are patrons chosen to enter the darkness. The alcohol may help with venturing down the dark path. Creepy individuals roam around and chat up the guests. Some give massages and others perform disturbing acts, like putting a nail inside their nostril. A lovely and beautiful young woman sat on my lap as she tries to make me feel uncomfortable. A young man asks me questions on how I got chosen to enter the darkness. I told him that one should embrace it and he went off to cause a disturbance in the room. Welcome to Creep LA, and this was just the waiting area for the immersive theatre that’s back for its second year.

Creep Los Angeles is currently bringing the creep factor into the immersive theatre community just in time for the Halloween season. We had the chance to check out the 45-minute experience (time may vary depending on the group). This year’s theme is the dark mind of ’70s tortured artist, Erebus Burwyck, and attendees will go from one creepy room to the next as they experience all kinds of weird scenarios. It’s a very intimate experience, as your group is limited to 6.

Before entering the lounge, you’ll have to walk through a very dark maze. It’s a nice start for the rest of the journey. The rooms after the lounge have a disjointed feel, with one bizarre scenario after the next. You’ll be guided around by actors, taken away from your group, witnessing sensual events, walking blindly down a mirrored hallway and much more.

I advise those attending to wear comfortable clothing and be willing to do the weird things asked of them. (Pretty much don’t have a stick up your ass.) Oh, you won’t have to do anything too extreme, like being touched on your arms in sensual ways, either from a male or female actor.

Here’s the info for CreepLA:

  • Location: 2316 N. San Fernando Rd in Los Angeles.
  • Tickets range from $40 – $50.
  • @CreepLosangeles #CreepLA #Creepitreal
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