Test out Gwent before Closed Beta and help CD Projekt Red ‘kill the servers’


The Gwent Closed Beta is still coming out next month, but if you want a chance to play the game earlier than that, CD Projekt Red will be conducting a stress test. (This will be for PC users only.) The technical pre-closed beta test will be held on September 23rd and 27th, and the studio wants to test out its servers and see how they’ll react when many gamers are coming in full force. It has also warned the testers that connectivity issues will likely occur, so be prepared to be frustrated.

You’ll be able to sign up starting on September 22nd. For updates on availability of codes, you can follow Gwent on Twitter and Facebook for hour distribution. The keys are limited will be available on a first come, first served basis.

The exact day and time of the event will be Friday, 23.09 from 5PM to 9PM CEST and Tuesday, 27.09 from 8PM to 12AM CEST.

If you haven’t played Gwent, it’s a card game that was heavily featured in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The card game quickly became popular with fans to the point that CD Projekt Red decided to do an online card game where players can play Gwent against each other.


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