Urien for Street Fighter 5 released in latest update


Ever have that one “special” friend whom you play fighting games with? You know, the one who endlessly, relentlessly and unapologetically spams projectiles for the entirety of every fight you have with them?

Capcom has an answer for that.

The last character of Season One, Urien, will be available this upcoming Thursday (9/22), and is pretty much the answer everyone has been looking for in the means of stopping 99% of projectiles from touching you. Check it out!

I say 99% because even itty-bitty projectiles, like a soda, are able to get past (or in the can’s case, roll under) Urien’s Reflector Aegis, his trademark ability. So sharpen those reflexes against those spammers for when Urien comes out!

Source: Polygon

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