Riot introduces Mechs vs. Minions, a cooperative tabletop game


Runeterra has been invaded by droves of minions, so it’s up to Rumble and his 3 Yordle pals to save everyone from their impending doom. Mechs vs. Minions is a 2-4 player cooperative tabletop game where you will build and customize your mech using command cards to assault the incoming minion army. The game features a story-driven campaign, cooperative gameplay, and 10 different 60-90 minute scenarios to play through.

Mechs vs. Minions Includes:

  • 5 Map Tiles
  • 4 Game Trays
  • 5 command lines
  • 4 painted mech miniatures
  • 4 Rune Coins
  • 2 Gear Rings
  • 1 Gear Tracker
  • 1 color compass
  • 10 Mission Envelopes and Final Rewards Envelope (All with dossiers and Cards enclosed)
  • 96 Command Cards, 55 Damage cards and 40 Schematic cards
  • Zhonyas Minuteglass (Sand Timer)
  • Bomb-like power source miniature
  • 6 metal trackers
  • 4 Acrylic Shards
  • 2 Numbered Dice and 2 Rune Dice
  • 100 minion miniatures
  • Tutorial and Rulebook

If you want to learn more then look no further than Rumbles Intense Training of Programmable Lab Suits. Riot has put together a minimalist explanation of how to play the game and a few things you have to look forward to including Computery!

Check out the tutorial trailer below to get a head start on learning how to mow down minions like a pro.

Mechs Vs. Minions will be available to order from the Riot Merchandise Store starting October 13, 2016 at 11AM PST for $75 USD plus shipping and handling.


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