Does Marvel have emotionless film scores?


Ever think about different soundtracks in movies and how some sound similar, while others don’t? (I would just like to note that I’m listening to the Interstellar soundtrack right now and it’s got me feeling some type of way.)

Anyways, most Hollywood movies that you know and love tend to have recycled scores. They’ve been taken from other films and made to sound slightly different. But most importantly, have you ever thought about the significance in movie scores to make you feel certain emotions? (I refer you back to my previous parentheses.)

Certain soundtracks have the ability to use just music when it comes to making its audience produce certain emotions. However, some soundtracks lack the ability to do that, or have other elements that take away from it all.

Marvel is famous for this. Why? Check out this video:

While I’m sure Marvel movies have the ability to make some people feel different things, it’s never really the soundtrack that does it. When you finish watching a Marvel film, it’s not the soundtrack that resonates with you. (PS that doesn’t make it bad at all!)

In the video, there is a scene where a voice is put over the music. Did you feel the change in emotion when it was edited out? Marvel isn’t the only one guilty about this! But they’re for sure the first ones that comes to mind when I think about lack of emotional attachment in a franchise!

What do you think? Do you remember anything from the Marvel score that you can hum?

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