Blizzard now offering name change (finally)


Have you ever wished that you could change your name on from something like “PotatoSalad47” to something a little less….retarded? Well thankfully Blizzard is now offering you the chance to change your name to something more epic like “SteelDragoon” or “SirHugendong”.

The first time you change it will be free, but every subsequent name change will cost you $10 a pop, so choose your name(s) wisely. As before with the name you chose the first time around you don’t have to pick one that is completely unique as their numbering system adds a number next to your name to prevent duplicates. Your friends on your list will be able to see the name change, as well, so you don’t have to worry about your friends freaking out about some mystery person who is playing as PotatoSalad47’s Panda Monk.


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