Broken Covenant: The Silent Hill game that never was


It seems that Climax Los Angeles were working on a PS3-exclusive Silent Hill game.

Footage has appeared on YouTube of the original game pitch. The footage shows, and talks through, some of the proposed concepts for the cancelled game.

The game was set to star a priest by the name of Hector Santos as he explores a town in Arizona, responding to a call for help from his niece, Anna. The town is being corrupted by the memories of Silent Hill’s past and would have featured dynamically changing environments as reality warps and shifts during the player’s exploration.

Although the project wasn’t picked up by Konami as a PS3 exclusive, the team made some changes and then re-pitched the idea under the title Broken Covenant, an episodic title for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Unfortunately, the project still wasn’t picked up and the concept was scrapped.

Although the game no longer exists, you can check out the footage below.

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