Shigeru Miyamoto shows off while showing off Super Mario Run


Nintendo seems to have a way with showing off their new titles in the past few years, with the Mii’s being added in to Smash Bros. on Wii/3DS, to the muppet versions of the StarFox crew to show off StarFox Zero. So it’s no surprise that to show off a quick demo of Super Mario Run, Shigeru Miyamoto shows off his multitasking skills while simultaneously playing the game:

Sadly, this will only be available for Apple devices, as there wasn’t any details to be found for it on Android platforms, but I wouldn’t count it out just yet. Though, when looking at it from a skeptical lens, one can point out that it’s just a simple auto-run and tap game, but with Nintendo, it’s easy to understand why they decided to start with something simple. With so many mobile games out there, the most successful ones (aside from spinoffs/ports) are the ones that are the most simple, with the easiest example being Angry Birds.

Super Mario Run will be available on iPhone and iPad this December.

Source: YouTube

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