‘Daymare: 1998’: A blast from the past

Last year, Italian indie developer Invader Studios announced they were canceling their Resident Evil 2: Reborn remake, as Capcom announced that they would be developing an official remake of the iconic 1998 survival horror classic. However, it looks like they salvaged some their work, as they’ve announced a new game known as Daymare: 1998.  Like RebornDaymare features an over the shoulder perspective, under armed protagonists, and hideously deformed mutants seeking to do unspeakable things to you (Don’t ask; don’t you people understand the ‘unspeakable’ part?)

Daymare is being developed using Unreal Engine 4, and Invader Studios claims that the game is “a hardcore survival horror experience inspired by the visual style and the atmosphere evoked by 1990’s cult movies.” The game is also getting some help from former Capcom artist Satoshi Nakai who designed the looks of creatures in Resident Evil 0 and Code: Veronica. His expertise is being used to a provide a“back to the 90s twist,” and filling the game with “90s pop culture and horror movie hat tips.”

Invader Studios has put up a number of screenshots from the current development build to give a peek at the game:



You can tell that it takes place in the ’90s, because all the computers are beige with the monitors being old school CRT monitors. The only thing this bedroom is missing are some Green Day and Nine Inch Nails posters. Plus, there’s a nice shout-out to John Carpenter’s The Thing with the partially obscured movie poster behind the door near the computer.



Don’t let the Beretta 92FS fool you, this ain’t a John Woo picture.



Another ’90s indicator: A thinly veiled ad for a Windows 98-type OS.

Not much information has been released regarding the plot, but there’s enough here to wet your whistle for the time being. There’s also the trailer for the game that you can check out below:

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