Batman: Ryan Potter on his viral Tim Drake video


There have been talks to bring Tim Drake aka Robin’s story to the big screen in the DC Film-universe, but nothing yet concrete. With the Justice League Universe coming to life on the big screen, maybe we should look into who could potentially fill the shoes of Tim Drake. Big Hero Six’s Ryan Potter had put his ticket in for the role.

Potter released a video of a concept fight of himself as Tim Drake, using Drake’s signature stick as a weapon. The video quickly went viral and in an article by THR, Potter told them he wanted to just spark some dialogue. Potter, who is of Japanese and Caucasian descent, has been told he looked “too white” or “too Asian” for the role. It wasn’t until several fans have compared him to Tim Drake. He tells THR, “In the [YouTube] comments, I see time and time again, ‘I don’t want to see an Asian Tim Drake,’ and other people go, ‘Hey, he’s also half-Caucasian.’ On the other end of the spectrum, I see people say, ‘Oh my God, he looks just like him. We need him as Tim Drake.’ That’s exactly what I wanted to happen.”

Check the video out below. What do you think?



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