What is the Hyde Street Massacre?

Hyde Street Massacre

Here at Nerd Reactor, you should probably know by now that we cover everything from scary mazes, to escape rooms. We take Halloween to the next level, and tend to make it year round. This year, we have a lot in store. But right now, let’s talk about an insane interactive Haunted House you have to check out.

So what is Hyde Street Massacre? Well..

Hyde Street Massacre Haunted House will draw in all walks of life, the only question is will you survive the massacre as you explore the 1950’s home of Otis Hatcher a Halloween obsessed serial killer? As you step through the front doors of this 2,500 square foot home, you’ll quickly realize the challenge you have accepted may be your last as you will now be within the haunting walls of Otis Hatcher’s killing chambers. Go ahead and accept your fate, take the challenge, we dare you!”

The Hyde Street Massacre takes a fantastic time period like the 1950s, and puts such a fantastic twist on it. We follow the story of Otis Hatcher, once a young boy obsessed with Halloween, gone mad. After growing up and carrying on with his Halloween traditions, he soon became ridiculed for the things he was once praised for. After a bunch of nasty teens broke his last string, the police couldn’t even begin to explain what 821 Hyde St. looked like.

Now, it’s your chance to take a step inside and figure out what really went down that night. Step back into the past and try, JUST try, to escape. Can you do it?

Well, we’re going to try! And just like us, everyone is welcome to attempt as well!

The attraction take place on:

October 1­-2, 7­-9, 14,-16, 21,-23, and 28-31.

Hours are from: 7 pm to midnight Friday and Saturdays, and 7 pm to 10 pm on other nights of operation.

Tickets start at 10 dollars, allowing guests admission to the house and a vendor sideshow. VIP tickets begin at 20 dollars, and offer a wide variety of things, including a horse and carriage ride up to the house. How cool is that?

For more information, please check out their website here.

We hope to see you there!

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