We hacked our way to freedom on The Escape Bus


The Escape Crew (basically the core group of us from NR that have been doing escape rooms together) was back at it again with another, you guessed it, escape room. Although this time, things are a bit different. Instead of an actual room, we found ourselves up against Orange County’s first ever Escape Bus.

Who better to come up with something as crazy as this than a couple of guys that happen to be gamers.┬áTyler Russell and Jonathan Katz are the masterminds behind this newest puzzle escapade. They are no stranger to escape rooms, as they’ve done numerous ones around the world.

The base story of the Escape Bus is that you and your team are a group of hackers being transported in a prison bus on the way to the penitentiary. Your objective is to escape the bus before it gets there. Being a huge fan of the show Mr. Robot, it really felt like I was within the realm of what that series is. Your team is comprised of between two and six people, and you’re given 45 minutes to escape.

The escape aspect overall was very enjoyable, and the presentation was very well done. I think the thing that stood out most was the technology being used throughout many of the puzzles. It was the first time I saw the implementation of so many of those technical elements in an escape room, which was very refreshing. If you do happen to get into a pinch, you’ll get hints in a crafty way, but only if you’re struggling.

Overall, this was definitely one of my more favorite escape rooms that I’ve done so far. From the background story to the puzzles, and everything in between, this is definitely worth checking out with your friends. And if you were wondering, our team did make it out in just a shade under 30 minutes.

For bookings and more info, you can check out the official Escape Bus website.

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