The AirPods safety strap


Last week, Apple introduced its newest iPhone and confirmed that it did in fact remove the headphone jack. Don’t worry though, it offers wireless ear buds, called AirPods, that you can pick up for a cool $159, so you can still have that classic iPhone headphone look and charge your phone.

One of the biggest concerns with these AirPods is the high chance that users will lose one, or both, of them over time. Well, cell phone accessory manufacturer, Spigen, has come up with a solution.

Monday, Spigen introduced the world to its Spigen AirPods Strap. This accessory connects your two AirPods with a stylish cord to help prevent users from losing them. The cord snaps on and allows full functionality of the AirPods. Spigen states that the product is “currently patent pending,” on the product page.

The best part is that the strap will only be $9.99, so if you spring $160 for the AirPods, it may be in your best interest to spend a little more to lessen the chances of losing them.

Source: Mashable

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