SacAnime 2016: Recap and Cosplay Music Video


SacAnime 2016 was an amazing event, as usual, and the Sacramento cosplay community was out in full effect. A major thank you to all of those who took time away from the con to shoot this video! This convention, year after year, continues to grow bigger and bigger, and has sealed itself as Sacramento’s largest home-grown convention. While the focus on Anime culture is still present, it’s clear that SacAnime is morphing, more and more, into becoming just your normal geek convention. Not only were we, at Nerd Reactor, impressed with the sheer quantity of the cosplay- as you will see in this video- but, as well, the quality was stupendous.

While SacAnime is growing, it will be extremely interesting to see how this convention will continue to change, in order to keep up with an audience that, in itself, is morphing and changing. We have recently seen this in Sacramento with Wizard World Comic Con, who incorporated a large section for competitive video gaming that included special guest players, such as American professional fighting game player Justin Wong. So, one can only hope that SacAnime continues the trend of excellence. And seeing how it has transformed, with incorporating a large majority of its guests these past few years not being necessarily Anime-related guests, this now begs the question: Is it time for SacAnime to rebrand?

One thing is certain, however: the event is still awesome. If you are a geek in Sacramento, and you have not yet attended a SacAnime, you really need to check it out. If for nothing else, the people watching, which is always amazing, but SacAnime has a little something for everyone and anyone who identifies with just about any kind of fandom.

If you see a friend of yours in this convention video, feel free to share and tag them. We had a ton of fun making this video and we look forward to seeing you guys at the next SacAnime!

Directed by David Webb
Shot by Derek Voss
Edited by Cory Vincent

Music Credit: Fitz and the Tantrums – “Handclap”

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