Belkin has your answer to charging while listening to music dilemma on the iPhone 7


Last week, Apple killed the headphone jack on their newest iPhone. While there had been rumors of this for months, it still seemed somewhat of a shock when it came to reality. One of the biggest issues that users are having with this change is that now there is no native way to listen to music with the wireless headphones they own while charging their phone. Belkin has a solution…technically.

The Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar is a device that Belkin claims was developed closely with Apple and will allow users to both charge and listen to music with wired headphones on their new iPhone. However, there are a few caveats. For one, it is not sleek nor attractive looking. It looks like a display splitter that would be used on a computer. The second catch is that there is still no audio jack, but instead, two lighting ports.


So in order for users to use the device for the purpose it was intended for, they would have to plug the Belkin device into their phones, then plug the charger into one of the ports. In the other port, they plug the lighting to 3.55mm adapter (that is included with every iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+) into the other lighting port on the Belkin device, then finally plug their headphones into the adapter.

Since this was apparently developed closely with Apple, it really seems like Apple is going out of their way to make it inconvenient for users to continue to use their wired headphones. Maybe that is because the alternative is their $159 AirPods.

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Source: Mashable

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