Awkward Conversations Throwback: It’s So True It’s Scary

awkward conversations cc

Here’s a throwback episode of Awkward Conversations that you may have missed! Check it out! Or don’t. Either way, we’ll be right here, waiting for you to hear it. Is it awkward yet?

Welcome to Awkward Conversations. We have a new home at Nerd Reactor, so for those of you who don’t know, our show features four geeks, a podcast, and one awkward conversation. In this week’s episode, host Anastasia Washington and Nathan Angry Baby discusses horror stereotypes with the gang and horror author Derek Botelho. And we’ll get all new awkward questions. It’s horribly awkward in here.

Awkward Conversations is a podcast about geek news, sci-fi, gaming, cult classics, movies, cosplay, and many nerd topics together. With their special guests, you can be the conversations to be super awkward, but oh so fun!

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