Ash finally goes to school in new anime!

The new Pokemon series is indeed straying away from its original formula of Ash traveling region to region fighting gym battles. With the release of the new Pokemon game, Sun and Moon, a new anime has been announced. Yes, this happens with every generation of Pokemon, but there is a catch. Ash is finally going to school!

In Sun and Moon, Ash will have to conquer the region via the “Island Trials” system instead of fighting traditional gym battles. This leads to a problem. If there are no gyms for Ash to conquer in the new Alola region, what reason would he have to go to the remote island chain?

According to Japanese magazine CoroCoro, Ash will be attending a school in the Alola region. Outside of the occasional Pokemon class, Ash hasn’t attended school in over 20 years, choosing instead to spend his endless youth exploring and catching Pokemon.


There isn’t much else confirmed for the new season, but the first promo image is notably missing his Kalos companions Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie. Besides that, we are absolutely excited for a breath of fresh air for the series. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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