Capcom’s Masachika Kawata answers Resident Evil 7 questions


Capcom, more specifically the Resident Evil YouTube page, has published a new video that has series producer Masachika Kawata answering questions asked by the Resident Evil fan community.

In the video several bits of information are confirmed:

  • Mercenaries, Raid Mode, or some other bonus mode(s) may well be coming to RE7.
  • Zombies still haven’t been confirmed in the traditional sense, but combat will be “very serious” and players won’t be mowing down hordes of enemies as more recent Resident Evil titles have.
  • Masachika Kawata talks about a “cycle of tension and release” when discussing keeping the horror strong throughout the game. Stating that it’s important to know when to hold back on the horror elements.
  • Environment designs are described as “compact” and “deep”.
  • The story will start “somewhere quite surprising”.

You can watch the full video below for all of the questions and detailed answers.

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