Tim Allen and DOOM… What the holy ****?

tim allen doom

There have been countless things that humanity has done and created whose existence can only be justified by the phrase, “Because we could.” A while ago I wrote an article on how a DOOM modder had made a recreation of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment from Seinfeld. While that was funny and pretty strange, it pales in comparison to what has just been released by the DOOM community now.

Here, we’re going into the truly surreal, the depth level of so far down the rabbit hole you don’t remember when you passed the entrance. To paraphrase Plan 9 From Outer Space, “The incidents, the places, my friend, we cannot keep this a secret any longer. Let us punish the guilty. Let us reward the innocent. My friend, can your heart stand the shocking facts about the Doom mod in which literally everything is Tim Allen or Tim Allen grunting?”

Yes… someone made a mod for Doom in which everything… LITERALLY F**KING EVERYTHING… is either a picture of Tim Allen or his grunting from his character Tim “Toolman” Taylor from his sitcom Home Improvement. The weapon textures? Tim Allen. The level textures? Tim Allen. The Monsters? Tim Allen. The sounds from the guns being fired, the teleporters, the noises the monsters make? Tim Allen. The status bar? Tim Allen. The entirety of the messages at the top of the screen when you pick something up? Tim Allen. Even the music has been altered to where it is Tim Allen grunting in tune with the notes of the original songs.

Look at it… take it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL in. While you do, I’m going to go knock back a few Old Fashioneds. While I’m gone, have a listen to E1M1 remixed to be nothing but Tim Allen grunting in tune.

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