Pokemon Sun and Moon take place at opposite times

pokemon sun and moon

Nintendo has added a new little detail for trainers deciding between buying Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. Both games will still operate based on your 3DS’ internal clock. Pokemon Sun will match your clock while Pokemon Moon will instead fast forward 12 hours. This will alter certain events in the game such as encounters, battles, and even affect the various Totem Pokemon that will appear during the various trials of your adventure.

Another fun little addition is the photography portions of the game, and from the trailer, it appears we are able to snap pictures at specific locations and then are graded based on the quality just like in Pokemon Snap. The final bit shown in the trailer shows off what they are calling Ultra Beasts, which based on the press release, are “creatures that possess mighty powers and are a threat to humans and Pokemon.” The first one showed off UB-01, which has a body composed of a glass-like substance and constantly alters its form.

A portion of the storyline will involve the Aether foundation and their attempt to study and research them.

Check out the trailer below to see it all in action plus a few new Pokemon and Alola forms.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are scheduled for release later this year on November 18th.

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